Cellllebrate Good Times – Come On!

When one decides to live the life of a nomad and chooses to spend a minimum of 3 months at a time in different places, one should and typically does their due diligence of research. Right? Right.  I’m certainly not saying that I haven’t, because I have, but (and there’s a but), there are plenty… Continue reading Cellllebrate Good Times – Come On!


First Impressions, Observations, and Recollections

(This is an excerpt. Click the title for more.) This post has the greatest potential to be a little scattered, so here is where good old bullet points come in handy. I mean it'll still be about Medellin, but I'm just not clever enough to connect bags of milk to drying racks. See? Your brow raised or they crinkled and formed a wrinkle, so let's get into it.  

Fuck Fear

(This is an excerpt. Click the title for more.) Okay, I have a confession.  Since my arrival, I haven't ventured out much.  I made the mistake of joining 2 Facebook groups that are dedicated to Expats in Colombia and Expats in Medellin.  The questions posed that generate the most responses are ALWAYS about crime and safety in Colombia.  I've read one too many stories of robberies on motorcycles, on foot, and in taxis.  People have been in taxis and confronted at stoplights, by shiny silver pistols...

I Came to Colombia…barely

(This is an excerpt. Click the title for more.) Today marks one week, since I decided to move to Medellin, Colombia.  The decision was an easy one, but the journey not so much.  When I say that I was met with those unforeseen challenges that people talk about, believe me.  Those challenges made me question my choices to leave my cushy government job, my hometown, my friends, my lovers, my family, and my new home in Miami.